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torsdag den 29. marts 2012

JSK trip to bornholm

Just an update a got from JSK who have 18 boats on a trolling trip to bornholm right now as we speak.
It has been world class fishing until now and all have got salmon . the weather has not been the best the last 2 days but the boats who have been out anyway have got salmon.
On the picture below its a +12 kg salmon from team No luck
we are going tomorrow arriving on saturday morning ,cannot,cannot wait

søndag den 25. marts 2012

Garage update.

Hi all
in this little video i shot today you can see how far we are with the garage
inside all electricity came in yesterday so it only needs paint. outside we need all the entrance stones
and the entrance itselves.
yesterday also the boat was finished with installing the new Simrad AP24 autopilot and testrun
so now the boat and the team is in topshape for trolling in the eastern sea (bornholm)
starting next saturday in meldsted trolling competition and 2 weeks later bornholm trolling masters.

Only 6 days more !

Now it is only 6 days more waiting until meldsted trolling competition on bornholm. We will use that week as training before trolling master bornholm. The boat is in obselute topcondition and the team members too.

tirsdag den 20. marts 2012


Pretty interesting reading in this link to website.
this will be official for use in 2014
what i hope is that this can be used in my lowrance HDS so that i can use the already
prepaired weather system,that only can be used in united states today.

søndag den 18. marts 2012

søndag den 11. marts 2012

Boat gets upgrade

Today our boat went to Frederikshavn ,where it the next 14 days will get some needed upgrade.
Simrad AP24 autopilot, wiper for window, changing downriggers from manuel Unitroll to electrical Cannon Mag 20TS .
Claus Soerensen from FISKEKORTET.DK will do all the new upgrade.
fiskekortet.dkAfter this upgrade,we are ready for the season.

fredag den 9. marts 2012

mandag den 5. marts 2012

Have a nice trip to Bornholm

Here from Team Free-time i wish all the teams from Norway ,who travels to bornholm
tomorrow to the Norweagian Downrigging school to have a good trip and hopefully catch some good salmons ,

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