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mandag den 30. april 2012

Back home after Trolling Master

Now we are back home after trolling master, we are cleaning all the equipment ,making it ready for the next trip.
We are both fresh again and remember with a nice picture from the last day how nice the water was when we were racing to the harbour

søndag den 29. april 2012

Update on our Trolling master Bornholm

Hi all. here a short update on our trolling master bornholm 2012.
As you have heard before in this blog ,we were sick in most of this competition
we both got a bad bad coldness and tuesday ,day before competitionstart we were visiting the doctor in Allinge bornholm and Claus had a lung infection and got medicin for that,Annette still only had the bad this had a bad influence on our competiton because we could not be on the water to much.
at least we got 1 salmon in the competition,caught by Annette,a small one 2,4 kg ,but it counts anyway.
We are now home again and getting better.
anyway we had a great week with a lot of good old friends and also new friends.
We had a great stay at VERONA owned by Per and Bettina. completely filled up with the best Trolling fishers in scandinavia.
We will absolute join again next year and hopefully be fit for fight and make a better competition.
i here will let you see some pics from bornholm.

Congratulations Team Blega

Here from Team Free-time we want to congratulate team Blega ,Aslak and Jarle with an outstanding Trolling Master Bornholm 2012.

Annette in a talk about female trolling fishing

mandag den 23. april 2012

Zero day.

Today we were only out for 5 hours because we have got a bad bad coldness with feber and no sleep last night. Hope we get better for tomorrow.

søndag den 22. april 2012

New boatrecord today 9,4 kg

Today we got 3 salmon. 9,4. 3,9 and the last was a realease. To small. The biggest was new boatrecord since we started.

lørdag den 21. april 2012

Ready. To trolling master bornholm.

Then team free-time is ready for trolling master bornholm 2012. The boat is in tejn harbour an we are in Verona hotelpension runned by Per Sjoestroem who also is a famous trolling guide.

onsdag den 18. april 2012

Trolling appetizer

Here just the best trolling video i have seen so far about how excited you can be when you like salmon trolling.

Trolling Master bornholm 2012

Only 2 days until Team free-time travels to bornholm. we will stay at Verona all the week. our boat is already in Tejn harbour ,we left it there last time we were on the island 14 days ago.
It looks like the weather will be ok and we will be on the water all days up to the competition if weather is ok.It will be amaising with 251 boats going out every morning and also follow the competition  and hopefully catch some good salmons and meet some good friends.
will keep you all updated about how it goes.and to all who will be there,see you.

lørdag den 7. april 2012

Trolling bornholm

Hi all. Here a little update from our week on bornholm. We only catched 1 salmon on 2,5 kg it was to small so we released it again. We had terrible bad weather this week. But still we had a great week testing the changes on the boat and relaxing moments.

søndag den 1. april 2012

Team free-time in nexoe harbour

Today was first day on the water in bornholm from our side .the wind and the waves have been to much. But today this morning we went out for 4 hours. We went back again to lunch time because of expected rough weather this afternoon we did not catch anything today.

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Annette med Bornholmer Laks

Annette med Bornholmer Laks