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mandag den 28. maj 2012

Trip on skagerak friday

Took a little fishingtrip friday out from Hirtshals with a colleage from Netherland where i work. he have never tryied fishing and he caught some nice cods so now he is hooked and he wants to fish again.

søndag den 20. maj 2012

Movie update boathouse 20-5-2012

Here is a little movie update on the building of a new house for Team Free-times Galia 640 Timo
We are not completely finished yet but pretty near i think.

Hirtshals JSK cup 19-20 May 2012

This weekend we had Hirtshals JSK cup with between 35 and 40 starting boats. we had a great weekend because the weather was very good, we caught 18 cod between 4 and 8 pound,so good meat for the freezer.

søndag den 13. maj 2012

Free-times next competition

Team Free-times next competition will be an internal competition in JSK ,our club.
The competition will be in Hirtshals in the weekend 19-20 may if weather conditions will be good.
the best fishingplace there is the yellow reef ,where all kind of fish can be caught.

onsdag den 9. maj 2012

New original Tank for gasoline

Have today ordered a new original gasoline tank for the boat,this because previous owner had made a smaller tank containing only 70 liter and that is to small for my use.
will come with some pics when i recieve and change it

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