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mandag den 23. juli 2012

1 year

Now its 1 year since we bought our Boat a Galia 640 Timo. In that year we have rebuilded nearly everything in the boat to new,this to be sure that SAFETY is number 1 when we are out on the sea.
and of course also that we have all the latest equipment in the boat when we are going downrigging.
We also had to build a new boathouse because we did not want to have the boat in the water between fishing .it had to be a boat on a trailer that we could take home every time, and with  this boathouse we are now able to use the cold winternights out in the boat changing things,cleaning ,yes simply just be happy to work with something on the boat.
Our hobby started many years ago with me going every year to Norway for salmon fishing and my wife Annette took with me taking care of our children.
When the children went older and did not want to join us in Norway,Annette asked me if i could learn her to fish Salmon.
Since then she learned everything that i know about and she is really good now.
I work in Holland and are only home every second weekend ,so we dont have much quality time together,so we decided to buy a downrigging boat so we did not have to go to Norway every year and instead go on the sea around Denmark.
We have learned a little about downrigging and need of course to learn a lot more,but we are happy because in our first year we have caught salmons and the boat record is 9,4 kg.
Also first now we feel like we are ready ,really ready to go for all in,with our downrigging,because first now we can go everywhere with our boat.
Before this time the gastank was to small and we didnt had AIS and and and.
So now we are ready for next Salmon season in the Baltic Sea,See you out there

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