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torsdag den 23. august 2012

Cleaning the boat

After laying in simris and fishing .the boat needs a good cleaning before it goes into the boat house

onsdag den 22. august 2012

Result simris

We stop after today because weather forecast for tomorrow is bad. Seatrout 2,5 kg . Salmon. 3 - 3,5 - 7 - 8 kg. This is our catch and then we lost/dropped 4. But pretty good for summer fishing

8 kg pr to annette

New personal record to annette. 8 kg baltic salmon

3 kg salmon

Annette got the first salmon today

tirsdag den 14. august 2012

Summer salmon 7 kg

A good fight with this 7 kg salmon today. Tomorrow claus will go hunting in middle of sweden. We will be back tuesday next week with more updates here from simrishamn.

søndag den 12. august 2012

lørdag den 11. august 2012

First day

Lost 2 salmon ,got 1 cod and 2 macrel. Super weather today. Hopefully We get more lucky tommorrow .

tirsdag den 7. august 2012

Summer holiday in Simrishamn

Team Free-Time are going to Simrishamn on Friday for our holidays
Hope to catch some summer salmon.
At the same time we will check everything whats rebuilded in the boat,increased gastank from 70 liter to 180 liter,new Lowrance structurescan+ HDS 10 Monitor serie connected with other HDS 10
so we freely can choose between screans for everything. This is first time we are downrigging since TMB. So we are looking forward to this and also to meet others, fishing out there.
we will be there from 10 august to 15 august and again 21 august to 25 august.
See you

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Annette med Bornholmer Laks